six weird things about me

kate vp 'tagged' me and I'm now required to let you know 6 weird things about me. Incidently - I have been a terrible blogger of late, work has been fairly hectic and I've neglected my blogging. Anyway, six weird things about me. Not sure how we define 'weird'. Hopefully it's not supposed to elicit information about malformed body parts or other 'weird' stuff. Here's my weird/things you don't know about me list:

  1. As a child I desperatly wanted to be a farmer when i 'grew up' - I had a huge model farm in my bedroom which I played on for hours. My nieces now play with my tractors and little plastic farm animals.
  2. I love crime fiction - mostly american writers; Michael Connelly when I want some fast paced action, James Lee Burke for a more literary approach to themes of violence and dealing with the past. During a time of extended unemployment I read a lot of crime fiction and started to write a crime fiction novel set in Belfast. I think my love of crime fiction dates back to a childhood passion for Enid Blyton mysteries - I once read one in its entirety in one day.
  3. I was a terrible pupil at school - I failed my 11+, (exam for NI kids that determines where you go to school), was put on daily report in 3rd year (age 14) for bad behaviour and did badly in my GCSE exams (age 16). Thankfully a stint working at a petrol station brought me some much needed academic maturity and after getting into St Andrews I spent nearly 10 years in university!
  4. I once went to see the Christian band DC Talk play in Belfast. I'm not proud of that. However, during their set I jumped over a crowd barrier and jumped around on stage with the band before being 'escorted' off stage by a bouncer. One of the band was wearing a cool nike baseball cap which I tried to take as a memento, but he grabbed it back from me. When I was back in the crowd I got high fives all over the place, it was pretty cool.
  5. I love stationary - pens, moleskine notebooks, writing name it I'm always on the look out for something new. I can never have enough stationary. One day I plan on buying a Mount Blanc fountain pen.
  6. I read blogs, like 43 folders and books like Getting Things Done, about being organised, but my office is always chaotic and and desk covered in papers, books, files and stationary. I am a terrible administrator.