st pat's day in belfast

You'd think st patrick's day in belfast would be a serious day
out - you'd be wrong. Belfast city council try their best, but I'm not sure about the brains behind their celebrations. There's a parade, which is fine if you like parades, but the high point is an outdoor concert at Custom House Square. On the bill this year: Sandi Thom, Samatha Mumba and someone even less famous - I'm so unimpressed I can't be bothered to google the full line up! I suggest they combine the fee they paid to Thom and Mumba and pay for someone half decent - take a risk, rather than go for the safely mediocre! I should add that in my humble opinion Sandi Thom released one of the worst songs of the past few years - I was I was a punk rocker - it is so bad.

Werner Herzog

Two videos below for your enjoyment - both feature the legendary film director Werner Herzog (continuing on from the Grizzly man theme). One is a fascinating interview with Henry Rollins, the other an interview with BBC film critic Mark Kermode, during which Herzog is shot by a sniper in LA! Herzog's comment, "It was not a significant bullet."

Werner Herzog on Henry Rollins' Show.

Herzog gets shot by LA sniper during interview

gotta love those extra features...

Took a day off today since I worked all day yesterday (sunday) - unfortunately my day off arrived on the same day as a cold so I've been sitting around staring into space and dosing myself with vit C and other seeminly ineffectual remedies. The one bright spot in the day was the chance to watch Grizzly Man - we have had this on loan from amazon dvd for weeks and haven't had a chance to watch it. If you haven't seen it I recommend. Most people know the story of Timothy Treadwell - the filmmaker and enviromentalist who was killed, along with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard by one of the bears he was filming in 2003. It's a tragic and compelling story and the way Werner Herzog tells Treadwell's story is incredible - like all great documentary filmmakers he uses the specifics of Treadwell's story to tell a bigger story about nature, human nature and our place in the world. What makes Herzog's work unique here is that he doesn't tell the bigger story with a megaphone, but rather in a gentle whisper.

Like most dvds Grizzly man includes some 'Extra Features' - along with the trailer (hardly an extra worth getting excited about) there's a 'making of' movie that shows how they put the soundtrack together. It's incredible and I almost wish I'd watched it first since I would have appreciated the music even more - it's one of those rare moments when you get to peek inside the world of incredibly talented people collaborating to produce something magical.