Alaska is bigger than Palin

Sarah Palin was bad enough - but we also had to put up with the UK media and their ill informed and lazy depictions of Alaska. I'm not sure if this was an international phenomenon, but according to our press Alaska is populated by moose-burger eating, gun carrying and snow blowin Palin fans. Stereotypes and caricatures galore. I've only had one brief visit to Alaska, but it was an incredible place of wild beauty and wide open spaces populated by generous and friendly people. I had a friend at St Andrews from Fairbanks and he was wihtout doubt one of the most interesting and intelligent people I've ever met. I'm sure Alaska has its quota of crazies, but don't we all? I should know, I live in Belfast!

Good to see some fightback in today's Guardian. Clare Chesher, a Brit living in Alaska responds to an earlier piece by the Guardian's Ed Pilkington.

Alaska is bigger than Palin. I'm sure, like me, many people in Northern Ireland would strongly object to being understood with reference to some of our politicians! Oh dear just thinking about that makes me cringe!

The image above is my favourite souvenir from the trip to Alaska always paddle and myself enjoyed a few years back. It currently has pride of place in our living room. Oh and before you ask, it was purchased in a General Store somewhere along the Alaska highway and not purloined with a screwdriver in the dead of night!!