coffee & tribes = good times

So we've reached the big day. Right now the American people are deciding who will be the 44th President of the United States of America. I can't wait for the BBC coverage to begin.

Has there ever been a more talked about, analysed, debated and reported electoral contest? How do you top this? Now it's down to the people: ordinary voters, activists getting out the vote and those people who claim to be 'undecided'.

As much as any election is about a set of policies and party affiliation it is also surely about leadership. Who do I want to lead me? I'm currently reading Seth Godin's new book Tribes and this morning came across this passage on page 126:

The Elements of Leadership

Leaders challenge the status quo.

Leaders create a culture around their goal and involve others in that culture.

Leaders have an extraordinary amount of curiosity about the word they're trying to change.

Leaders use charisma (in a variety of forms) to attract and motivate followers.

Leaders communicate their vision of the future.

Leaders commit to a vision and make decisions based on that commitment.

Leaders connect their followers to one another.

More on Tribes soon...

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