Saving snail mail

I still stop what I'm doing when I hear the rattle of our letterbox. For some reason I'm compelled to have a look to see what Royal Mail have served up, even though I know it will be either a bill or something completely unnecessary. While there are a couple of magazine subs I look forward to and Lovefilm when they get their act together, much of what comes through our letterbox goes straight to the blue-box which is emptied into the big yellow recycling van every Thursday. Junk mail does not describe some of the rubbish we get - how many takeaway menus for the same Chinese restaurant could a house this size possibly require?

The wonderfully named Perry Bible Fellowship cartoon strip by Nicholas Gurewitch captures it perfectly. Sadly PBF is no longer published in the Gurdian, but the PBF website has a huge back-catalogue for your amusement.

Thankfully I have recently witnessed some encouraging moments in the fight to save snail-mail. Down with digital sent us a wonderful postcard from west (or is it east?) of the Bann, of course I can't overlook birthday my cards (hundreds!) from late October and best of all this week sent me some Obama souvenirs! So it's not all bad.

Happy Friday - send someone a postcard this weekend!